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Beaverton Music Services

  • Playing Since 1987

Where it all started...

Beaverton Music has been a musical oasis of sorts in Washington County for over 60 years. The original version of Beaverton Music Center was opened around 1952 by accordionist Dick Kokich and located on Farmington Road (and later Watson Avenue) the store provided a hangout for the learning and playing of accordion, guitar, banjo, and piano.

Dick sold the store name to Eugene Music around 1970 (after they closed their location at Lloyd Center). At that point the name changed to Beaverton Music Company and it was moved to it's Broadway location. There the staff specialized in school music as well as carrying full lines of professional guitars, amps drums and sound gear.

In 1982 an employee of Eugene Music bought the store from her bosses and moved into a larger space at 1st and Angel. Shortly after, in 1986, Russ Schmidt took over and changed the name to Beaverton Music Services. 1989 was our the last move into our present location on the corner of 1st and Watson.

We still like to believe we bring the spirit of learning and fun that Dick started way back, along with the knowledge and experience of being a local leader in school music needs. Our staff and private teachers all embody Russ' notion that we are put here to bring music to kids of all ages.